Norton Hall From History to the Future

Norton Hall was first built in about 1800.

Norton Hall 1916

Norton Hall in the 1930'sIt was built as a Manor House of a local family of farmers and landowners who later emigrated to Australia.

It had its own lake, sports pitch, coppice and entrance lodge onto what is now the B4084, where the chauffeur would reside.

In the early 1900’s the owners were the Deakin family who then built a fruit factory on the opposite side of the lane to the house.

Deakin Can Factory

The present owners of Norton Hall bought it as a derelict building that for some years had been unloved. Most of the land that was once part of the estate has now been sold off separately.

Norton Hall 1983

5 years of decision making followed by extensive renovations and Norton Hall opened its doors as a care home in January 1989.

The present owners have obtained planning permission to extend the existing 30 bed home.

Norton Hall 1989

The Future

This planning permission was granted in May 2011 which involves a major expansion project for Norton Hall:

  • 20 additional en-suite bedrooms.
  • A new 40 foot lounge with a bay window overlooking the driveway entrance.
  • An additional lounge area in a conservatory style room.
  • New toilets and shower facilities.
  • A much needed new staff room.
  • More offices and storage space.
  • An extension on the existing kitchen and food preparation area.
  • A further extension on the laundry room.
  • We also hope to change all the windows of Norton Hall to double glazing.

When this expansion project begins it will be an exciting time for Norton Hall and will bring many new opportunities for all involved.